no cleaning, no ground erosion, no maintenance, Rainhandler works.


"About 10 years ago, I tentatively installed an eavestrough alternative called Rainhandler ( 877-266-4949) on a garden shed with flower beds under the eaves. I needed to prevent erosion of the soil underneath the edges of the roof without going to the trouble of installing a full-blown set of troughs.

Rainhandler is a series of angled louvres that break up the flow of water into droplets as it cascades off the roof. The theory is that the angle of the louvres kicks the newly formed spray outwards, recreating a rain'like pattern that causes no erosion. This system works well enough that I installed it on my workshop, with plans to add it to my house the next time I reshingle the roof.

If the dryness of your basement depends upon transporting water completely away from the building, Rainhandler might not be for you. But other than this caution, the product works quite well."
Steve Maxwell from Canadian Home Workshop

"We are really impressed that Rainhandler performs as efficiently as claimed. Your product gets nothing but positive comments from us."
Don & Marie Varcoe, Stayner, ON

"Since installing Rainhandler we have no ice dams,no cleaning,no downspouts. Rainhandler has given me one less thing to do in maintaining our home."
Dave Jenkinson, Winnipeg, MB

"Rainhandler was easy to order,promptly delivered,and easy to install. I would recommend this product which works as described."
Daryl Schlamp, Swift Current, SK

"We are very happy with the way Rainhandler has performed. We have passed on your literature to people in our area and members of our Legion branch who were impressed with it."
John McCracken, Stouffville, ON

"We are very pleased with Rainhandler’s appearance and there is no erosion whatsoever."
John Nehara, Burnaby, BC

"I installed Rainhandler one year ago on our gazebo and was so impressed that I now have done my home. My wife is glad that I no longer have to climb a ladder and clean ice out of the eavestrough."
Harvey McLean, Cambridge,ON

"Easy to install,even an by an accountant ! Nice to get rid of downspouts etc."
Bill Cook, Calgary, AB

"I was pleased to see how Rainhandler blended into the fascia board and how it disperses the water in a way that doesn’t ruin the finish on the deck below."
J. Barrow, Burlington.ON

"Eavestroughs plugged constantly with cedar and needles and did not last long in our winter conditions. We received our Rainhandler order very quickly, installed it easily. It sure does the job! We recommend it highly."
Ron Gibson, Boswell, BC

"Having my Rainhandlers through a summer and a winter both, I am extremely pleased with them. No more plugged eavestroughs with ice,snow,leaves or dirt. Great addition to my home."
Gord Heaton, Seba Beach, AB

"We are most satisfied with your product. The Rainhandlers do what we hoped they would do - break up the roof run off."
M. R. Speicher, Bracebridge, ON

"I am very happy with your product. Rainhandler system works just fine. I am very pleased."
Martin Couture, Austin, QC

"Rainhandler works well. We will recommend to others."
H. Derksen, Red Deer, AB

"Rainhandler met and even exceeded expectations so we’ll tell our friends."
R. Jonas, Burnaby, BC

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"Since installing Rainhandler we have no ice dams, no cleaning, no downspouts. Rainhandler has given me one less thing to do in maintaining our home."

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"We are extremely pleased with our Rainhandler installations at both our lake cottage at Peterborough,ON and our Manitoulin location."
Frank Palmer

"We were impressed by the ease of installation and how it seems to be unaffected by Ice and snow. We’ll buy more as it has lived up to our expectations."
Lorraine Buckingham, Oshawa, ON

"I am very pleased with Rainhandler's performance in all weather conditions."
Aaron Wallis, Landscape Architect, Rock Forest, QC

"RainHandler is very easily installed. It does not plug in summer or cause ice dams in winter. Great product in every way."
Louis Brassard, Lorraine, QC

"Excellent product. My client is thrilled!"
Chris Martin, Complete Outdoor Services Inc. Glencairn, ON

"We live in the north where we have 5-7 months of winter. The Rainhandlers work well dispersing away from the house as stated. We really like the easy maintenance and it's appearance, so unobtrusive. Thank you for your product."
Nancy Cowan and Hartley Spoffard, Chetwynd, BC

"I am very happy with the Rainhandler installation and recommend it to everyone who comes to the house. A great system!"
Stan Ostapowich, Edmonton, AB

"We have found that Rainhandler has met or exceeded our expectations so we recommend it to others."
Donna Maclam, Pickering, ON

"Rainhandler was delivered quickly,instructions for installation easy,and we now recommend it to friends."
Henry Levesque, Apsley, ON

"Easy to install,works as claimed, we recommend it."
Frank Cutruzzola, Toronto, ON

"Rainhandler delivers as claimed Yes, we recommend the system."
Tom & Sandy Hammond, Huntsville, ON