no cleaning, no ground erosion, no maintenance, Rainhandler works.

Handling of Roofwater by the
Rainhandler Dispersal System

It should be understood that certain requirements are necessary to create proper drainage around the perimeter of any building.
See A and B below:

  • A: Proper grading to slope surface terrain away from the building walls.
  • B: Proper below grade drainage to remove excess moisture that accumulates around footings of buildings: eg those with basements or crawl spaces should have weeping tile.

Understand that neither an eavestrough (gutter) system nor the Rainhandler (gutterless) system eliminate the need for the requirements noted above.

Advantages of the
Rainhandler System are:

  • Totally maintenance free - no plugging with leaves, needles or other debris.
  • Freedom from ice damming that causes severe problems under certain climatic conditions.
  • Rainhandler moves the water that falls from the roof drip edge outward from the fascia at an angle of 8-10 degrees and breaks up the heavy flow into raindrops which it gently disperses on the ground in a swath three or more feet wide. NO GROUND EROSION will occur where there is some vegetative ground cover such as grass, flowers and shrubs.
  • Rainhandler has been manufactured for over 20 years and is sold world wide.
  • Rainhandler carries a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Rainhandler is constructed using high grade aluminum.

Rainhandler enhances the natural beauty of a home rather than detracting from it as is the case with the use of eavestrough / gutters, downspouts and leaders or splash blocks.

"Having my Rainhandlers through a summer and a winter both, I am extremely pleased with them. No more plugged eavestroughs with ice, snow, leaves or dirt. Great addition to my home."

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