no cleaning, no ground erosion, no maintenance, Rainhandler works.

Attention Architects & Engineers

The Rainhandler system has been widely used on single family homes in every province of Canada since 2002. Recently other types of applications are finding that Rainhandler suits the environmental and low maintenance guidelines that are now in demand. Churches, schools, fire halls,warehouses and other commercial buildings are often well suited for the system.

Many state housing authorities in the USA have replaced their gutter and downspouts with Rainhandler. In the past twelve months thousands of apartments and townhouses were converted.
In Canada, our provincial governments social housing departments should be encouraged to utilize the Rainhandler system and lower their maintenance costs wherever feasible.

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"Eavestroughs plugged constantly with cedar and needles and did not last long in our winter conditions. We received our Rainhandler order very quickly, installed it easily. It sure does the job! We recommend it highly."

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